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Root Car Insurance Review

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Read our Root Car Insurance review to learn more about the company’s operations and client satisfaction.

Root Car Insurance stands itself from the competitors due to its cutting-edge technologies. Automobile insurance may be unavailable to anyone having a blemish on their driving record.

Root, a newcomer to the insurance industry, now offers car, homeowners, and renters insurance in a growing number of states. Insurance firms situated in Columbus, Ohio frequently offer clients automobile usage-based insurance. Premiums were calculated utilizing telematics, or the use of data-collection equipment. In comparison to credit history or driving record, insurance companies base prices on how frequently people drive and their driving behaviors.

As a result, the corporation began selling insurance to individuals and families very recently. While Root Insurance is well-known for its auto insurance, the company intends to expand in the future with its homeowners and renters insurance.

Pros and cons of Root Insurance


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  • Automobile owners who use their automobiles infrequently or never
  • Vehicle and renter insurance prices may be reduced for drivers who take additional efforts to be safe.


  • The most perilous type of driver
  • Insurance brokers that prioritize the needs of business drivers will attract clients seeking a comprehensive insurance package.

Root car insurance review

Purchasing automobile insurance is a component of Root’s strategy. By utilizing telematics technology, the firm may establish rates based on driving behaviors rather of more traditional rating elements. Credit ratings will be completely phased out by 2025, the corporation says, because they are unjustly allocated to debtors. As a result, Root Insurance seeks to invigorate an industry that has been operating at a snail’s pace.

Root Insurance is an excellent choice for cautious and infrequent drivers. Root’s guidelines may not be appropriate for those who do not fit into one of these categories. Continue reading this review to determine if Root Insurance is a good fit for you.

Root car insurance coverage options

According to Root, the following are some of the most frequent forms of insurance coverage offered by automotive insurance providers..

  • Physical injury and property damage
  • Collision and comprehensive (commonly referred to as full coverage) motorist liability coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists (bodily injury)

Along with standard automotive insurance, numerous insurance companies offer coverage to drivers who meet certain criteria.

  • third-party liability coverage
  • health-related expenses
  • Uninsured motorist property damage

Not only does the organization offer competitive costs, but it also provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to its customers. Insurance for car rentals is an added benefit of utilizing Root. Root will cover the rental vehicle’s cost and will reimburse you for any Lyft trips.

These options may be insufficient for individuals with unique insurance requirements. Root’s extra limits will offer no difficulty for drivers with regular coverage.

Root Insurance discounts 

Alternatives to vehicle insurance discounts are few and far between in the search results, frustrating consumers expecting for more. This is true since Root Insurance explicitly mentions at the policy’s inception that it offers savings. To determine if someone is qualified to drive, they must first pass a road test. Thus, it is a reward for driving safely. As a result, motorists can only count on the following savings:

  • Multiple policies. Root Insurance provides consumers a discount when they combine their auto and home insurance policies.
  • Excellent driving record. You’ll save money if you’re a Root client and you stay protected. If you spend three years without receiving a ticket, your insurance rate may be lowered by 20%, and after five years, your rate may be cut by 35%.

How does Root car insurance work?

Usage-based insurance is car insurance that charges you based on your driving habits.
According to Root, an app records a driver’s activity, including the number of kilometers traveled per hour, their average speed, and even the time of day they drive. This information is used to produce a quote. According to a concept known as “usage-based insurance (UBI),” drivers who are cautious do not have to pay as much as those who are not. As is the case with a large number of current firms, the low price comes at the expense of personal information.

According to a new report from CB Insights, the number of people enrolling in UBI schemes is growing. Since the beginning of 2018, more than ten insurers have been identified that made mention to telematics or their telematics programs during earnings calls. This demonstrates the growing recognition of driving apps as a critical business strategy.

While driving, you cannot be distracted by your phone. This software collects data about your driving habits via your smartphone. Your phone comes equipped with an anti-annoyance feature that notifies you when you are being particularly obnoxious while out and about. Telematics, the use of sensors to monitor your speed and driving patterns, such as the amount of time spent in each gear, has enabled these features to be implemented.

Root may also gather information about you when you scan your driver’s license, such as your name, address, and the vehicle you’re driving (or manually enter it).

The Hawthorne Effect

What do we do when we know we’re being watched?

According to the findings, when we perceive that someone is watching us, we are more inclined to act honestly. The Hawthorne Effect was named after a series of studies conducted at the Hawthorne Works company in Cicero, Illinois, in the early twentieth century. According to a group of experts from Newcastle University in England, when an image of a face or an eye is posted near the breakroom, employees are more inclined to clean it up.

We may act strangely in order to avoid being observed, but this is only because we are trying our hardest. According to Root, which analyzes our driving habits using data from our cell phones, we’ll be more inclined to prioritize road safety.

How to cancel a Root insurance policy

While using the Root app, contact your insurance company at 1-866-980-9431 to cancel or alter your insurance coverage.

Can I cancel my Root policy online?

The Root software may be used to terminate insurance coverage. Customers may contact customer service by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-JOIN-ROOT (1-866-980-9431).

Root Insurance online features and app

Root Insurance’s service is centered on their iOS and Android mobile applications. Unlike other big insurers, this one requires the Root program to be installed on the insured device. As you drive, the application records your driving habits and automatically calculates your charge. Along with tracking the driver’s movements, this program enables you to:

  • Manage and file claims.
  • When looking for vehicle insurance, a policy with a homeowner or renter’s coverage is easily available.
  • Configure online bill payment.
  • Enrich the driver and vehicle lists.
  • Read through policy documents
  • Get documentation for insurance cards.
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