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Loya Car Insurance Review

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At Loya Car Insurance Group, our primary priority is to offer you the most affordable car insurance rates possible while providing adequate coverage for you and your family while driving.

About Loya Car Insurance

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Loya Insurance is headquartered in El Paso, Texas, where the company was founded in 1974. Also known as a Not Rated rating, this indicates that the company lacks the financial resources necessary to safeguard your investments.

However, J.D. Power rates their customer satisfaction with claims administration as Not Rated out of 5. In the event of a claim, the higher the J.D. Power Rating, the more likely your carrier will be fair.

Loya Insurance Auto Insurance Discounts & Features

  • Pay in full for more than one vehicle
  • Families with more than one member
  • Prior protection from an insurance policy
  • Offers insurance in 11 different states
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