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Lincoln MKX Car Insurance Rates

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Lincoln MKX car insurance costs $1,884 a year, according to You may pay more or less depending on your driving record, the number of miles you drive each year, and other factors.

About the Lincoln MKX

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Since 2007, the second generation of Lincoln MKX has been available. The Lincoln MKX is based on the Ford Edge. The V6 engine, high safety ratings, and low starting price make this a popular midsize luxury SUV. This model was bought and sold in the US by around 31,000 people in 2016.

Insurance premiums for a Lincoln MKX are determined by factors such as safety ratings, theft rates, replacement costs, and general damage susceptibility. Depending on a person’s driving record and where they reside, the cost of automobile insurance may vary. Prospective Lincoln buyers should check insurance quotes from a variety of companies in order to receive the best possible bargain before purchasing. Lincoln MKX buyers should do their homework to discover whether they qualify for insurance discounts from multiple insurance providers before purchasing the vehicle.

How safe is the Lincoln MKX?

The 2017 Lincoln MKX has been evaluated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In terms of overall safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scored the Lincoln MKX a flawless score of 5 stars. The NHTSA gave the car five out of five stars in all other crash tests, with the exception of the rollover test, which received four out of five stars.

The Lincoln MKX has received a variety of safety upgrades in the most current model year.
A total of 23 Lincoln MKXs were stolen in 2013, according to the NHTSA. This equates to a theft rate of 0.57 based on the number of autos produced in that year.

How does the Lincoln MKX compare to other car models?

Insurance premiums for the Lincoln MKX are in the middle of the pack among the 360 vehicles we studied.

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