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Kemper Auto Insurance Review

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However, despite its reasonable rates for those with a long history of moving violations, Kemper Auto Insurance’s bad customer service ratings may scare away otherwise qualified prospects. To learn more about Kemper, continue reading the following Kemper Auto Insurance review.

Kemper Car Insurance Pros and Cons


Kemper Auto Insurance Review - Kemper Insurance Company Logo
  • Kemper insurance policies may be personalized to your specific needs.
  • Both good and bad drivers with a clean driving record may qualify for affordable rates.


  • Kemper does not have a telematics program.
  • Kemper, on the other hand, just offers a limited mobile app and a sparsely-populated website with information.

Kemper car insurance review

Kemper Insurance is licensed to provide insurance in 28 states across the United States by the State Department of Insurance. It changed its name to Unitrin in 1990 and acquired the Kemper brand in 2010. Due to Kemper’s tiny size in relation to the insurance industry’s behemoths, it is able to provide cheap rates to a diverse variety of drivers, even those classified as high-risk by other insurers.

Examine Kemper’s coverage, discounts, and pricing to see whether they match your insurance needs. Kemper also offers automobile and home insurance, both of which come with exceptional discounts.

  • Customer satisfaction — Not rated by JD Power.
  • Financial Strength —Excellent. AM Best gave Kemper’s financial support an A-. This demonstrates that the business has the financial means to meet its commitments.
  • NAIC Rating — Unsatisfactory. Kemper got more consumer complaints than the national market average, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Kemper Auto insurance coverage options

Along with standard coverages like comprehensive, accident, liability, and medical expenses, Kemper allows users to personalize their policies. Modifications to the following characteristics of a Kemper insurance contract are permitted.

Kemper Total™

If you are involved in a catastrophic accident and your car sustains considerable damage, this policy will pay you the replacement value rather than the standard actual cash value (ACV), which may be less than you believe due to depreciation. Kemper will cover the difference in cost between repairing and replacing your vehicle. This insurance is only offered for automobiles that have been recently leased or purchased. There are no other restrictions.

Gap insurance

Coverage for your car loan/lease protects you financially in the case of a total loss. If your ACV return is insufficient to satisfy the whole balance due on your automobile loan or lease, your remaining debt will be decreased. Kemper TotalTM has built-in gap coverage.

Enhanced coverage

Consider enhancing your policy’s value by adding optional coverages such as accident forgiveness and travel interruption insurance, as well as key replacement and personal property protection (if your parked car is damaged).

Kemper Car Insurance discounts and reward opportunities

Kemper is saving money in comparison to other large insurance firms. Bear in mind that discounts vary according to state and whether you are a preferred, standard, or non-standard customer.

Discounts based on your insurance policy

  • Multi-policy. Enroll in multiple insurance policies to save money. Kemper Insurance provides Package Plus insurance, which covers both your vehicle and your home. This policy includes enhanced home coverage as well as the convenience of having all of your insurance on one statement.
  • Paid-in-full. This reduction is available only if you pay the entire insurance period in one lump sum.
  • Prior insurance. Kemper offers non-standard consumers who do not let their policies lapse a reduction on insurance costs.
  • Advanced quote discount. You will receive a discount if you obtain a quotation and then decide to submit an application before the quotation takes effect.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Multi-car. To qualify for this well-known discount, you must have more than one vehicle listed on your insurance.
  • Military discount. All active duty military and members of the National Guard are eligible for this discount.
  • Good student. To qualify for a student discount, you must have a good grade point average.
  • Driver training. Check to see whether taking a defensive driving course might help you save money on your insurance.
  • Residence. Kemper homeowners and renters insurance customers may be eligible for discounts on Kemper auto insurance.

Almost every facet of Kemper’s auto insurance received a poor rating. Unlike the other carriers, these providers consistently earned star ratings of 3.5 or below from consumers.

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