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How To Write A Bill Of Sale For A Car

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A bill of sale for an automobile might be helpful if your state requires you to do so. Find out everything you need to know before you begin creating one. Many of us are used to buying cars through a dealership, but what if you want to buy a used automobile from a private party? How do you complete the legal paperwork? Another scenario is the sale of your own automobile.

If you wish to sell your car, be sure you have all the essential paperwork. If you reside in a state that requires a bill of sale, you may also need the title to the vehicle. In the event that your state needs it, knowing how to draft a bill of sale for a car you intend to sell is a good idea ahead of time. You may want to include a bill of sale in the transfer of ownership even if your state doesn’t mandate it.

What you need to know about a bill of sale and how to produce or get one is laid out here.
A bill of sale is a legal document used to do business.

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What is a bill of sale?

A bill of sale is confirmation that the title of a vehicle has been legally transferred from one person to another. Important car data is frequently included, including the make, model, and license plate number as well as a vehicle identification number (VIN).

State laws vary widely on whether or not a bill of sale is required when you sell a vehicle, but most states require one. Your state may demand additional documentation, such as a car bill of sale, to prove that you own the vehicle.

The selling price of the automobile is usually included in the bill of sale as well. Some states may need a bill of sale because the purchase price mentioned in this document might be utilized for sales tax purposes. The bill of sale and/or the original vehicle title may be required by your state’s requirements in order to register your vehicle and obtain license plates. Prior to making further selections, such as picking a vehicle insurance company, this is an essential step to take.

Who writes the bill of sale?

The person who drafts the bill of sale for a vehicle is determined by the method by which the vehicle is procured. In the case of a dealership purchase, the dealership is responsible for preparing the bill of sale. It’s common for private sellers to draft the bill of sale for you and provide you a copy when you buy a car from them.

It’s possible that you’ll have to create a bill of sale for the new owner if you’re selling the vehicle privately. As a result, it’s critical that you understand the steps involved in selling your vehicle and the supporting documentation required. If your state needs a bill of sale or if you desire one for your personal records, it is your obligation to prepare one.

How to write a bill of sale that is accurate

If a bill of sale is required in your state, the Department of Motor Vehicles should have one on their website that you may use. Even if your state does not need a bill of sale, the DMV website may still offer a form for you to fill out online.

Go to your state’s DMV website and look for the forms area to get the relevant bill of sale form for your state. Alternatively, you may type “vehicle bill of sale [your state’s name]” into a search engine. Most official state DMV websites include “DMV” and the state’s initials or name in their internet address, and most of them have a “.gov” extension. The Utah DMV website is, while the California DMV website is The Nevada DMV website, on the other hand, is and does not finish

Templates for automobile bill of sale forms are readily available on the internet if one is not provided by your state. As long as the bill of sale is written in ink rather than pencil, it is generally permitted to use handwriting for it. The notarization of a bill of sale may be required in some states. A notary public’s signature can be seen on the bill of sale documents given by the Louisiana and West Virginia state governments.

The bill of sale must be seen and signed by a notary public in order to be valid. The state appoints notary publics to act as unbiased witnesses in transactions involving the signing of crucial papers.

What information needs to be on a bill of sale?

In order to complete a bill of sale or write one yourself, you’ll need this information:

  • The date on which the product was sold
  • A car’s selling price
  • Description of your car, including model, year, and VIN number.
  • The name and signature of the buyer are required.
  • The name and signature of the seller

You may also be required to or want to include this information:

  • The plate number of a car
  • The title’s ISBN
  • The buyer’s license number, address, and date of birth are all examples of additional information that could be requested by the seller.
  • Driver’s license number, address, and date of birth of the seller
  • The terms and conditions of the deal

Bottom Line

As long as you have all the relevant information, completing a bill of sale shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Online forms provided by state governments can simplify the procedure. You may not have to supply a bill of sale if your state does not require it, but it is a good idea to do so because it provides a record of the transfer.

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