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When you have an online insurance broker like Gabi working for you around the clock, insurance shopping becomes a lot easier. If you own a house or a car, insurance is a necessary evil. If you’re renting, it’s a good idea to acquire one. There are instances when looking for insurance might be more difficult than having to pay the monthly fees.

Since my vehicle insurance premiums had risen every year for the past three years, I decided to seek ways to save money. Going from provider to provider and filling out my existing insurance information over and over again, I compared coverage and rates from screen to screen to find the best possible deal. It was at best tedious.

I wish I’d come upon Gabi sooner rather than later when I was doing research. Gabi is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, not an insurance provider. If I had used Gabi, I could have entered my information once and gotten quotations from its network of more than 40 insurance companies.

To learn more about what Gabi has to offer and how you may save time and money when shopping for auto, house, or renters insurance in the future, keep reading our Gabi insurance review (and maybe coverage for some other assets you have too).

About Gabi Insurance

It’s important to note that Gabi is an insurance brokerage organization, which means that it collaborates with other insurance companies to provide customers with the car, home, and rental policy sales. Because Gabi is paid by the insurance it sells, its services are free to you. 

Additionally, because of Gabi’s extensive network of over 40 insurance providers, it can supply you with coverage possibilities you weren’t previously aware of or that are far less expensive than what you expected.

Based in San Francisco, Gabi is an insurance-buying platform that combines technology, data, and personal service to make insurance more accessible to the general public. Using information from your current insurance, they built a unique price-quote technique to compare prices for the same coverage from various insurers. Car insurance quotes are given to you in less than two minutes, and you have the option of combining policies to save even more money.

Gabi will tell you if you’re already paying the best price for your insurance. Instead of making one-time sales, the firm promises to follow a customer-first business approach. The BBB has given the firm an A+ rating, and the company has been accredited by the BBB.

What is Gabi’s function?

It’s easy to get started with Gabi. To begin comparing policies, you must first establish an account. You’ll be directed to the auto quote page if you click “Get Started” on the main page. You may acquire a homes or renters insurance quotation by clicking the “Compare Insurance” tab on the main page, or you can start a discussion with a Gabi insurance agent to get umbrella or landlord coverage.

Your existing insurance carrier can be selected when you seek a car insurance quotation. As a further step, please include any pertinent details you may have. Your declarations page will appear on a screen asking you to sign in with an online insurance account or to upload policy documentation.

You can begin a policy comparison and then choose “I Don’t Have Insurance” if you don’t presently have an auto insurance policy. This will take you to a new screen where you will be asked for information in order to begin a new quotation.

A summary of your existing policy’s coverage and premiums, as well as competitive bids, will be sent once the data has been processed by Gabi. In my instance, I was able to find insurance that was less expensive than the Allstate coverage I had just begun. A yearly savings of $208 would be mine if I switched to Travelers Insurance for new coverage. Your payments will be conducted on the insurance provider’s site, but Gabi will show you genuine plans that you may purchase through the website.

There are no leads generated by Gabi that are forwarded to providers who subsequently contact and email you about purchasing a policy because Gabi is an insurance broker. As a result, Gabi assists you in the process of purchasing new insurance. As a result, dealing with them is similar to working with an insurance broker in person at your neighborhood agency.

What kind of insurance does Gabi provide?

All of Gabi’s insurance is available for cars, houses, renters, condos, landlords, and umbrella policies. When it comes to RV and motorcycle insurance, you’ll need to visit with a Gabi agent in person rather than ordering online. The only way to acquire a quotation on Gabi’s website for landlord or umbrella insurance is to combine it with your vehicle insurance. Gabi agents can provide you with customized quotations for these goods.

Gabi insurance: How to save the most money

Get even better insurance rates via Gabi by following these tips.

Bundle multiple types of insurance

Purchasing more than one policy from the same insurer often results in a discount. With Gabi, you have the option of purchasing a package that includes insurance for your car, home, and other vehicles. There is no harm in including all of your insurance requirements when you are comparing plans to see if Gabi can help you bundle and save.

Look for discounts available through the insurer

A site like Gabi may not reflect all of the reductions that insurance companies provide. Some examples include being an alumnus of a certain institution, being a current or previous member of the military, signing up for automatic payments, or even having additional safety features on your automobile. It’s possible to find a better deal on vehicle insurance by comparing rates with your Gabi rate and then contacting the insurer directly.

Go for a higher deductible or less coverage

Choosing a greater deductible in exchange for a cheaper premium is always a gamble. Having a high deductible will cost you a lot more money if you ever have to submit a claim or get into an accident. A financial return may outweigh the danger, but only you can determine if it’s worth it! Keep in mind that if you owe money on your car, you’ll have to carry the insurance your lender requires.

Consider Gabi when it’s time to re-apply for your insurance

Everyone should shop around for insurance prices when their policy expires. When you’re nearing the conclusion of your policy, you’re usually able to cancel without incurring a penalty (something I learned the hard way). Having a reminder in your calendar to look around for new insurance rates a month before your policy expires can save you money in the long run.

Bottom Line

Gabi appears to have certain limitations in that it largely focuses on giving competitive price alternatives for existing insurance policies while downplaying the need to initiate new policies. This is a restriction. In the case of my home’s insurance, for example, I was unable to obtain quotations from Gabi since my provider is not one that they partner with. Gabi is a service you can rely on to give you information about competitive insurance rates for the same coverage level. It’s fast, simple, and safe, and it eliminates a lot of the guesswork involved in comparing prices.

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