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Honda Accord Car Insurance Rates

By David Krug 5 minute read

The average cost of a 2021 Honda Accord Car Insurance is $175.64 per month, or $2,107.65 per year, which works out to $175.64 per month. Costs vary from person to person and place to place, so it’s hard to generalize.

What factors affect car insurance rates for Honda Accord?

Honda Accord Car Insurance Rates - Honda Accord Car Insurance Logo

Both where you live and how well you drive affect how likely you are to get into an accident. Your car’s make and model will have a much bigger impact on your safety and security than how you drive because of differences in performance, safety features, and theft rates, among other things. Providers take these things into account when setting premiums, so what you drive could have a big impact on your costs.

  • Body type. The Accord is a good sedan for families or people who use it only a little. Insurance costs may be low because of this.
  • Make and model of the car. The base price of the Honda Accord, which is a midsize car, is about $20,000 at the start. Luxury and high-performance cars are more expensive to insure, so this car should be less expensive to insure.
  • Theft. Due to the fact that the Honda Accord is one of the most stolen cars in the United States, the insurance for this car may go up because of this.
  • Repairs. As long as the Honda Accord is easy to find, insurance costs should be lower.
  • Ratings for how safe a company is. The Accord has good safety ratings and features that could help you get a better deal on car insurance.
  • Type of fuel. Having a gas-powered Honda Accord should be cheaper to insure than a hybrid model because it doesn’t need as much maintenance.
  • It’s time to cut and package the leftovers, so do that now. The Honda Accord comes with a lot of safety and driver-assist features that you can use at no extra charge. The insurance costs may be lower if they are added.

How to compare insurance for the Honda Accord

Because the Accord is so popular and has good safety ratings, it should be easy to get insurance for it. The process of buying insurance will be easier if you know what to look for. In the long run, you’ll save money because you’ll know what to look for.

  • Price. Because coverage varies so much between service providers, it’s hard to make meaningful price comparisons. In order to compare estimates, make sure that you use the same information for the driver and the car.
  • Deductible. It will cost less to get insurance if you have a low deductible. You need to figure out how much money you have to work with.
  • As little as possible. States have different rules about who can get health insurance. Find out what you need to know before you make a decision, and make sure that any insurance you’re considering meets the state’s very low standards.
  • Extra protection. One way to make your insurance better is to add personal injury protection and medical payments coverage to it, too. When you get insurance quotes from different companies, don’t forget to ask about any extra coverage options.
  • Extras. Roadside assistance and accident forgiveness may be extras that you get with your insurance. Check to see how much extra fees will cost and if they’re worth it.
  • Restrictions. Check your insurance to see if there are any exclusions that could leave you with gaps in coverage or claims that aren’t paid.
  • Loyalty points or a deal from the manufacturer. Any manufacturer incentives or loyalty discounts from your dealership could help you get a better rate on car insurance.
  • Warranty. To avoid paying for extra insurance, find out what your manufacturer’s or extended warranty covers.

Does the Honda Accord qualify for auto insurance discounts?

You might be able to avoid accidents with Accord’s safety and driver-assist systems, or at least lessen how much damage they do to your car. However, if your car has certain features, you may get better coverage for less money. You might be able to get more for your money by installing features that make your car more visible or safer.

  • Anti-lock brake discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Passive restraint discount (airbags, motorized seat belts, etc.)
  • Emergency roadside assistance discount

Honda Accord safety & reliability ratings

2018 Honda Accord: U.S. News and J.D. Power both gave it a perfect 10/10 for safety. When it comes to safety, the NHTSA and IIHS say this car has the best rating for 2018.

In terms of its class, the 2018 Honda Accord gets 4/5 stars from the U.S. News and J.D. Power when it comes to how long it lasts.

Even though the Honda Accord first came out in 1976, it has been a best-selling car in the United States since 1989. It was sold in the United States more than 345,000 times last year. 2017 was named a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The National Highway Safety Administration gave it a 5-Star Overall Rating.

Honda Accord maintenance

When you buy an Accord, you can expect it to last a long time because it’s made for comfort and convenience. Keep your car running smoothly by getting your oil changed and inspecting the parts that make it up.

  • Honda doesn’t say how often you should change the oil in your Accord. You don’t have to pay extra for the Maintenance Minder system, which tells you when things like oil and other parts need to be changed. It’s standard on all new cars.
  • You should be able to get your Accord’s oil changed for $75 to $125. The price you pay may be different depending on where you take your car for service. As a rule, dealers charge a lot more to fix your car than independent garages do.
  • Honda dealers or your owner’s manual can help you learn more about the Honda Accord’s service plan.

Is an extended warranty worth it for the Honda Accord?

There is a 36,000-mile Limited Vehicle Warranty that comes with all new Hondas, and there is also a 56,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty. To make things even better, if you buy a brand-new car with genuine Honda accessories, they’re covered for three years or 36,000 miles after you get it home. In the Accord’s package, you get an unlimited-mile corrosion guarantee and roadside help at any time.

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs) are like extended warranties that Honda sells. There are a lot of benefits, like reimbursement for rental cars, concierge emergency services available around the clock, and more. As a result, even though many people think the Honda Accord is a good car, these service plans may help you keep your car running after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Bottom line

Accord is Honda’s best-selling midsize sedan. It’s quiet and pleasant to drive, and it has a lot of room. To make things easier for people, it has a lot of useful safety and driver-assistance features. Many people will be happy with this car because it doesn’t need a lot of work.

It makes sense that insurance for a low-risk car like the Accord would be cheap because it would hold up well in a crash. Also, you might be able to save money by looking at car insurance rates and discounts from a number of the best insurance providers. Keep in mind that, though.

David Krug