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Gainsco Car Insurance Review

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The dedication of GAINSCO to provide superior customer service inspires us to do all possible to satisfy their demands. Our goal is to provide auto insurance that is both affordable and high-quality, as well as prompt and polite service, so you can go back to doing what you like. This GAINSCO Car Insurance review may assist you in making a decision.

About GAINSCO Car Insurance

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It was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in the metropolitan metropolis of Dallas, Texas. Its financial strength grade is Good, suggesting that the organization has the financial resources necessary to safeguard your valuables. J.D. Power, on the other hand, assesses their customer satisfaction with claims administration as Not Rated on a 5-point scale. The higher the J.D. Power Rating, the more likely the carrier will treat you properly in the event of a claim.

GAINSCO Car Insurance Discounts & Features

  • Prior insurance coverage with a corporation
  • EFT\s Loyalty
  • Rapid Coverage with a Low Down Payment Internet-based electronic funds transfers and identification cards
  • On the Side of the Road Assistance
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