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Foremost Car Insurance Review

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Foremost Insurance is a well-known provider of non-traditional housing and also provides Foremost Car insurance. Despite the firm’s financial stability, the choice of coverage options accessible to it is limited. You’ll discover about the auto insurance options, as well as what you can expect as a client, in our Foremost Car Insurance review.

Foremost Car Insurance Review 2021

Foremost Car Insurance Review - Foremost Insurance Group Company Logo

Since 1952, the Foremost Insurance Company has provided several forms of insurance as an associate of the Farmers Insurance Group. Additionally, Foremost offers home and vehicle insurance, as well as RV and mobile home insurance (which is given in collaboration with AARP).

Bristol West, a well-known insurance firm, has partnered with Foremost to give protection to high-risk drivers who may have problems obtaining coverage elsewhere. Customers who have difficulty getting reasonable coverage from a reputable or highly rated provider will be targeted by the company’s homeowner’s insurance programs.

When searching for insurance, avoid Foremost in general if affordable premiums and a diverse selection of coverage options are critical to you. Foremost Insurance may be a better option if your insurance options are limited owing to a history of poor credit, past insurance claims, or other risk factors.

Foremost Car Insurance Ratings

Bristol West’s Foremost Insurance subsidiary is a great alternative for high-risk drivers. In comparison to most bigger carriers such as GEICO, Foremost offers more benefits and coverage options, but it is still more limited than the bulk of non-standard insurance firms. Discover more about Foremost Insurance’s coverage options and customer service to assess if the company is a suitable fit for your needs, and continue reading to learn more.

  • Customer Service — Not Rated by JD Power.
  • Financial Strength — An “exceptional” rating from AM Best means you can rest easy knowing that Foremost will take care of your claims.
  • Claims Satisfaction — There are less complaints about Foremost than the industry average base from NAIC.

Where is Foremost car insurance available?

Foremost auto insurance is accessible in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Foremost car insurance coverage options

Foremost automobile insurance policies provide comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist protection and benefits.

Foremost Insurance Company offers a diverse selection of coverage choices, some of which are somewhat unusual:

  • Towing and roadside assistance service — If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to a breakdown, towing is covered.
  • If your automobile is totaled and you still owe money on the loan or lease, this coverage will assist in covering the difference.
  • Insurance that covers up to $10,000 in medical expenses if you are injured in an accident.
  • With Foremost Insurance, you only have to pay one monthly premium to insure all of your covered vehicles. There are no further renewal dates or effective dates to keep track of.

Foremost car insurance discounts 

Utilizing Foremost may result in cost savings on your insurance. Consider the following strategies to assist you in retaining a greater portion of the money you make.

  • Electronic pay — Payments made safely and securely online may result in cost savings.
  • Multiple coverage – If you purchase both your car and house insurance with Foremost Insurance, you receive a discount.
  • Multiple vehicles – You may be able to save money on your insurance premiums by insuring multiple vehicles with Foremost.
  • Children away at school – If your children are enrolled in college, you may qualify for a reduction in your auto insurance premiums.
  • Paid in full – If you pay for your item in full upfront, you’ll save money.
  • Transferring from another business —If you’re transferring from another business to Foremost, you may be eligible for special discounts.
  • Maintain a clean driving record – Keeping a clean driving record may result in lower insurance prices. After three years of accident-free driving, you’ll be eligible for a discount, and you’ll be able to save for an extra year.

How to cancel a Foremost Insurance policy

You may end your Foremost Insurance contract by calling your local Foremost insurance agent at 1-800-532-4221. In terms of cancellation fees, your agent or salesperson will determine if you are entitled for a return of already paid premiums. Ensure that you have replacement insurance in place before canceling your current coverage.

To terminate your Foremost Insurance insurance, follow these steps:

  1. Provide the policy number and any other critical client information.
  2. Inquire about the cancellation of your contract and any recurring payments.
  3. Respond genuinely to any follow-up inquiries.
  4. Solicit the sending of a confirmation email to confirm cancellation.

Can I terminate my Foremost Insurance coverage mid-term?

Yes. A Foremost Insurance policy may be cancelled at any time throughout the policy’s term. While canceling your policy before the conclusion of its term is usually a good idea, Foremost gives you some leeway as long as you pay the associated charges. Before you cancel your Foremost insurance, ensure that you have a backup policy in place to avoid coverage gaps. Prior to terminating your Foremost insurance, look for new coverage and compare rates. If you violate the guidelines, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to issue penalties or increase your insurance premiums.

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