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Direct Auto Insurance Review

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What types of insurance does Direct Auto offer? Take a look at our Direct Auto Insurance review to see if you can get a better deal and to learn about the many types of insurance available.

Direct Auto Insurance Review for 2021

Direct Auto Insurance Review - Direct Auto Company Insurance Logo

Direct Auto Insurance is a wonderful alternative for people looking for uncomplicated auto insurance in the Southeast. As a result, customers’ options for combining their vehicle insurance with other plans have narrowed. They may provide you with business car insurance, personal auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, and even roadside assistance. Continue reading to discover more about Direct Auto’s coverage options, discounts, and other perks.

In contrast to traditional insurance companies, Direct Vehicle protects consumers who are in danger of being unable to obtain auto insurance.

Carriers that do not adhere to industry standards have a poor reputation for providing a varied selection of benefits. State-mandated minimum liability coverage requirements may be accomplished through the use of this type of insurance.

Direct Auto arouses significant emotions in third persons. Direct Auto maintains a high degree of financial and customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, consumer complaints against the firm exceed those regarding the industry by a large margin.

  • JD Power Rating – The film does not have a rating. JD Power has not yet assigned a rating to Direct Auto Insurance.
  • Financial Stability – Exceptional. Direct Auto Insurance has demonstrated its financial stability and ability to pay claims by earning an A.M. Best “excellent” financial rating.
  • NAIC classification – Poor. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports that complaints about Direct Auto insurance much outnumber complaints about the insurance sector as a whole.

Pros and Cons of Direct Auto car insurance


  • Customizable payment plans.
  • Individuals whose insurance is inconsistent


  • Options for enhanced coverage are available.
  • This firm does not offer homeowners insurance.
  • Customers that prefer to conduct all transactions online.

Direct car insurance coverage options

Comprehensive, collision, and uninsured motorist coverage are all included with direct insurance. Liability coverage is also included with Direct Auto insurance. Drivers may purchase the following supplementary coverages in addition to the basic insurance:

  • Rental reimbursement. This coverage reimburses you for the expense of renting an automobile while yours is being repaired following a covered loss. To be eligible for this optional insurance, you must have comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • We offer towing and labor services. Towing charges may be repaid if your vehicle breaks down or becomes undriveable following an accident. If you do not have collision or comprehensive coverage, Direct Auto’s roadside assistance plan includes 24-hour towing.
  • A horrific accident results in death. Accidental death insurance gives a $5,000 payout to the spouses, children, and parents of deceased drivers. This is an optional coverage for your automobile insurance policy that you may purchase.
  • Payments that are adaptable. Many Direct Auto insurance customers can pick from a choice of payment options. Payment flexibility includes the opportunity to plan payments in advance, make whole or partial payments, pay in advance to reduce monthly costs, and even pay in cash to a local agent or partner site.

Direct Auto insurance discounts

Drivers who qualify will be eligible for a number of rewards. They are classified into three categories based on the driver, the vehicle, and the insurance coverage.

Discounts based on driver or vehicle

  • Military. By switching, active-duty military personnel can save up to 25% on their insurance.
  • Precautions should be taken behind the wheel. Drivers with a clean driving record might save up to 10% on their insurance price.
  • You’ve done an excellent job. Single students enrolling full-time may save up to 10% on tuition.
  • Individuals in their seventies or eighties. Senior drivers may save up to 5% on petrol.
  • Multi-car. Insuring several vehicles under one policy might result in a 25% reduction.
  • Mileage. Owners of low-mileage vehicles can save up to 5% on gasoline.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Multi-product. If you purchase another product at the same time as your vehicle insurance, you might save up to 5%.
  • This has already been reported. As long as you’ve maintained coverage for a minimum of six months, you might save up to 25% on your insurance.
  • Homeowner. Homeowners may expect to save up to 15% on their energy bills.
  • Renewal. Renewing your coverage may result in up to a 20% discount.
  • We’re relieved you’ve returned. Switching back to Direct Auto insurance may save you up to 6%.
  • Affinity. By partnering with Direct, organizations and members in good standing can save up to 5%.

Direct Auto bundling options

To qualify for the multi-policy discount, you must purchase car insurance in conjunction with at least one other Direct Auto product. If you do not have homeowners insurance, they provide a choice of supplementary insurance solutions for people with valuable valuables.

How to cancel your Direct Auto policy

When the time comes to terminate your Direct Auto policy, you have a few options. A cancellation request can be signed in person at a neighboring agency or written by hand. The handwritten declaration must include your complete name, signature, policy number, address, date of birth, and the insurance’s expiration date. To make things even easier, you may send a statement containing this information to the toll-free number 877-622-7338.

Can I cancel my Direct Auto policy online?

You may cancel your Direct Auto insurance coverage online by sending a message to customer service. Your message must include the following information: your name, policy number, address, date of birth, reason for cancellation, and the effective date of cancellation.

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