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Bristol West Car Insurance Review

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Bristol West Car Insurance, a Farmers Insurance Group company, is a specialist in private passenger car insurance, offering comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. To learn more, read our Bristol West Car Insurance Review below.

About Bristol West

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Bristol West Automobile Insurance Company was created in 1973 and is based in Pasadena, California. Financial strength enables you to spend money to safeguard your investments. It gets a good grade for financial strength. However, they have a Not Rated out of 5 customer satisfaction rating for claims administration from J.D. Power. If your J.D. Power Rating is higher, the carrier is more likely to treat you fairly if you submit a claim. Isn’t that why insurance exists? Additional information on J.D. Power ratings may be found on this page.

Bristol West Car Insurance Discounts & Features

  • Discounted Lifetime Insurance
  • Homeowners receive preferential rates.
  • Discounts for multiple vehicles and policies are available.
  • A discount for students
  • Incentives for safe driving
  • Discounts on automobile security features are available to individuals who do not use paper.
  • Discounts on Driving Schools
  • Online Policy Management Made Simple with a Small Initial Investment
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance
  • The Capacity for Forgiveness
  • Tax-Deduction Strategy That Is Quite Ingenious
  • Avoiding reimbursement for towing and labor costs
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