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Auto-Owners Car Insurance Review

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Auto-Owners Insurance Company has been in the insurance business for more than a century, with its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. Thousands of independent agents work for the organization, which has offices in 26 states. Despite its name, Auto-Owners Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance products. Here’s our Auto-Owners Car Insurance Review for you.

Customers routinely give high grades to JD Power’s auto insurance products, while also providing high marks to the company’s home, life, and business insurance products.

Auto-Owners Insurance Ratings

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  • Claim Satisfaction – J.D. Power awarded the firm an excellent grade for total claim satisfaction in 2020.
  • Customer satisfaction (J.D. Power) — According to JD Power 2021 research, auto owners’ consumers provided an above-average rating for overall satisfaction.
  • Financial strengthAM Best’s A+ rating implies that the organization is financially sound and capable of paying claims.
  • NAIC Rating – The NAIC received fewer complaints about Auto-Owners Insurance than the industry average.

Auto-Owners car insurance options

Auto-Owners’ reputation as one of the highest-rated car insurance companies in terms of customer satisfaction means that clients can anticipate a diverse range of coverage options and a straightforward claims process. The firm offers a variety of typical insurance products, including the following:

  • Liability
  • collision
  • comprehensive
  • uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • medical payments
  • personal injury protection (PIP). 

Policyholders, on the other hand, can choose from a variety of optional coverages offered by the provider to further customize their protection, as seen below.

Roadside service

For instance, if you lock your keys in your car, get flat tires, or experience a dead battery, Auto-Owners’ 24-hour roadside assistance will assist you. It encompasses all fifty states of the United States of America, as well as the provinces and territories of Canada.

Additional expenses

If you become stranded away from home, this coverage kicks in to assist with the cost of a rental car or other incidental charges. It is feasible to incur expenses such as meals and housing.

Gap coverage

Due to depreciation, a leased automobile is typically worth less than the outstanding balance. When you have gap coverage, it pays out if the value of your automobile falls below the balance you owe on it.

Diminished value

Following an accident, the market value of your automobile may be significantly lowered. If your car is totaled, this insurance coverage assures that you will be completely reimbursed for its worth.

Personal automobile plus package

Along with identity theft protection, this plan reimburses you for the expense of replacing lost or stolen keys and your cell phone.

Specialty auto insurance options at Auto-Owners

Automobiles are not always classified similarly. There are several different types of automobiles for which Auto-Owners Insurance provides coverage:

  • Classic cars. Automobiles from the past demand a different level of insurance than modern automobiles. It is feasible that a vintage automobile insurance coverage may save you money while yet providing the necessary protection for your antique vehicle.
  • Modified automobiles. Insurance companies may be hesitant to cover modified automobiles. Auto-Owners Insurance offers customized coverage choices for wheelchair lifts and other types of mobility modifications.

Auto-Owners car insurance discounts

Auto-Owners Insurance offers a variety of various choices for saving money on your car insurance coverage. The table below summarizes the savings they give.

  • Multi-policy discount. When purchased in a bundle, Auto-Owners gives a discount on insurance.
  • Multi-policy life insurance discount. Combine your car insurance with a Vehicle-Owners life insurance policy to save money.
  • History of payments. To be eligible for a premium decrease, you must have paid your premiums on time each month for the preceding 36 months.
  • Discount for complete payment. To save money, pay your yearly payment in full at the start of your coverage.
  • Discount for green items. If you go paperless with your bills and make payments online, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Quote obtained in advance. Each new applicant who obtains an insurance quotation prior to the policy’s effective date is eligible for a discount.
  • Multi-car. Increasing the number of vehicles you insure may result in a reduction in your insurance prices.
  • Discounts on safety features. If your car is equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) or anti-theft equipment, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Deductibles. You may see a reduction on your premiums if you pick a greater deductible.
  • Loss history that is favorable. If you have an accident-free driving record, you may be able to save significantly on vehicle insurance.

Auto-Owners student discounts

Insuring teenage drivers may result in higher monthly rates. Auto-Owners Insurance provides the following discounts to clients with adolescent or young adult drivers: Visit this page to learn more about student auto insurance.

  • Excellent student discount. Students who earn a “B” average or higher may qualify for a 20% discount.
  • Discount for students away from school. If your student lives more than 100 miles from home and does not have access to a vehicle, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Discount for teen driver monitoring. You may immediately begin saving money by placing a GPS device in your teen’s automobile.

Is Auto-Owners Insurance right for you?

The majority of Auto-Owners insurance consumers are satisfied with their coverage. This in no way implies that I promote them. Those seeking for the greatest bargain on an insurance coverage may choose to browse around for lower rates.

It is never a bad idea to look for new insurance coverage. Consider coverage alternatives and carrier evaluations, and keep in mind that you may obtain complimentary insurance quotes to assist you in your search for the right policy.

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