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Alfa Romeo GTV Car Insurance Rates

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The revived Alfa Romeo GTV Car Insurance are projected to be comparable to those for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and other premium vehicles. Giulia costs more than $1,000 more per month than the national average, or $2,364 more per year, assuming this is accurate. With a beginning price of $50,000, the annual insurance cost-to-base vehicle price ratio would be 4.7 percent, slightly higher than the national average of 4%. To obtain a quotation, compare rates from many auto insurance companies and then sort the results by state.

How can I compare estimates for GTV insurance?

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When a premium vehicle is built on a sports car chassis, insurance prices tend to be higher. You may notice an increase in your insurance price as a result of this vehicle:

  • Body type. The GTV will initially be a sporty coupé with a poor reputation for low-cost insurance.
  • Fuel. Alfa Romeo has not revealed these figures, but Edmunds reports that the comparable Giulia achieves 27 mpg combined in the base model.
  • Rates of theft. According to Edmunds, the base Giulia achieves 27 miles per gallon in the United States, but Alfa Romeo has not yet made this statistic public.
  • Maintenance. As a result, Alfa Romeo owners have not reported many troubles. However, to maintain this Italian car optimally, international components and experienced technicians may be required.
  • Coverage. Consider purchasing luxury insurance to protect your expensive automobile, which will offer you a fixed value and increased coverage limits. As coverage increases, associated costs increase as well.
  • Options for insurers. Despite the fact that only a few businesses offer luxury car insurance, organizations like Chubb can assist you in obtaining the best possible rate.
  • Warranty. Alfa Romeo’s standard warranty is four years or 50,000 miles, with an option for a further four or five years under specific circumstances.

Are discounts available on the Alfa Romeo GTV?

Yes, there is a good chance that the GTV will include a SIM card.

  • Antitheft
  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Airbags
  • Driver assistance
  • Seatbelt pretensioners
  • Electronic stability

Why is insurance so expensive for the GTV?

A luxury sport coupe is expensive due to its distinctive appearance, strong engine, and high top speeds. However, the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio model may provide up to 600 horsepower in short spurts, which might result in risky driving.

How reliable is the Alfa Romeo GTV?

Luxury sport coupes attract a premium price because of their distinctive appearance, strong engines, and high top speeds. However, the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio model may have up to 600 horsepower in short spurts, which might result in risky driving.

  • Safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2019 Giulia a Good overall crash test grade. The visibility of the headlights, on the other hand, may be restricted on some vehicles.
  • Reliability. J.D. Power rates the car’s reliability at 3.5 out of 5 stars, which is above average, and the GTV should be no different.
  • Recalls. Alfa Romeo recalled the Giulia numerous times between 2017 and 2018, with no follow-up.

Bottom line

Despite the fact that the Alfa Romeo GTV is somewhat unknown, you can trust it to be reliable and safe. On the other side, the luxury automobile is a high-performance sports car with significant insurance expenses.

Request quotes from a variety of insurance providers to ensure you are getting the greatest coverage. As an alternative, determine the cost of insurance for a different car.

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